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About Us


At Lasertech, we will be as involved as our customers would like. If you want assistance in figuring out better ways to make a certain part or assembly, we will be glad to assist. If you simply want a part produced to print, we will be glad to accomodate that as well. Flexibility is our goal.

Personalized Approach



Here at Lasertech, we strive to go above and beyond. Whether it's specialized scheduling or rushing that part that your purchasing guy missed. We do what we can to make you and your company a success.


With years of experience in both designing and manufacturing custom sheet metal components, Lasertech offers the ability to help our customers achieve the right part, on time and on budget. 


Lasertech was incorporated in 2007 in approximately 20k square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Today we occupy two facilities with combined over 100k square feet of space. Our diverse background from OEM work to contract manufacturing to the day to day parts and pieces work we do for many companies allows us to have a broad perspective on the needs of our customers. Our team range from industry veterans to new hires who are learning the sheet metal trade. We enjoy what we do and we take on projects ranging from a few parts to several hundred thousand parts to finished assemblies. From drawings on napkins to full 3D assemblies. Our overall philosophy of operating our business is that our success is based on our customers success, therefore we do what we must to ensure success from our end allowing our customers to move that portion into their success. Give us a call and see if Lasertech is a good fit for your company's needs.

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